Clinical Case Studies

Magellan believes that stem cell-based therapies can significantly contribute to the improvement treatment of degenerative conditions and injuries in the veterinary setting. The results of initial treatments on approximately 12,000 internationally based animals has been extremely positive.

The results from horses treated for tendon and ligament injuries have been extremely encouraging with more than 75% of treated horses returning to work at the prior level. Almost all horse trainers and owners have reported either complete cures or a very substantial improvement in the injuries being treated.

  • Superior cell lines.
  • Stringent processing protocols and quality control methods.
  • Demonstrated efficacy in scientific studies.

Magellan is interested in working with veterinarians who have an interest in providing regenerative medicine treatments (adult stem cells) based on the use of adipose and umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cells.


Stem Cells For Equine