Magellan stem cells can be supplied in two formats:

1) Fresh (Refrigerated) Stem Cells

Individual doses for an animal needing treatment are supplied in a syringe (ready for injection) and shipped by overnight courier in a refrigerated pack. The doses will remain viable for 48 hours after receipt (stored in refrigerator).

2) Cryo (Frozen) Stem Cells

Cryo cells are supplied in bulk – for storage at your clinic in liquid nitrogen. The cells are then thawed on site as required/prior to administration.

The advantage of this includes having the stem cells always on site and available for use whenever cells/doses are required – as opposed to waiting 1-2 days for delivery of fresh (refrigerated) cells.

Doses can be simply thawed (3-5 minutes using a water bath) whenever they are required for use. The cells are shipped in a dry vapour shipper for transfer into a liquid nitrogen dewar upon arrival at the clinic (the dry vapour shipper is then returned to Magellan).

The pricing is based on the supply of between 10-100 doses per shipment.