Magellan Veterinary Stem Cells

Magellan Veterinary Stem Cells and its associates have developed a number of stem cell based therapies for the treatment of a number of diseases and conditions in dogs, cats and horses.

Stem cell therapies are currently available for the treatment of canine arthritis and degenerative joint disorders, the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries in horses and the treatment of certain conditions in cats.

Magellan believes that in regard to a number of therapeutic conditions, stem cell treatments will be more effective than traditional treatment options previously available.

The initial focus of Magellan has been upon the treatment of arthritis and degenerative joint disorders in the canine population. Arthritic conditions and skin allergies are major veterinary problems with dogs – particularly those that are ageing.

In addition, research and clinical trials in the equine (horse) setting has been focused upon the treatment and repair of tendon and ligament injuries.

The management of arthritic pain together with the treatment and repair of injuries to tendons and ligaments are some of the most frequent problem for horse owners and trainers.


Outcome of Allogeneic Adult Stem Cell Therapy in Dogs Suffering from Osteoarthritis and Other Joint Defects


Allogeneic Adult Stem Cell Therapy In Dogs


Improved Quality Of Life

Stem cell therapies have been shown to substantially improve the quality of animal life by increasing mobility, reducing pain and effectively giving your pet a new lease on life.

Non-evasive Same Day Procedure

Our stem cell therapy is straight forward, quick to administer and non-invasive. Therapies can be performed on the same day.

Reduced Pain & Mobility In 90% Of Cases

We have treated thousands of animals locally and internationally. Our results show over 90% success rate (improvements) usually within 5 months of the stem cell therapy. Some improvements are seen within a couple of days.


The cost of stem cell therapy is significantly less than you may expect. The prices vary depending on the therapy selected as well as any pre-requisite tests required (example: blood tests, urine tests, x-rays)

Quick Recovery Time

While your pet/animal should recover very quickly from a stem cell treatment – normally within a couple of days at most – Magellan recommends that you keep your animal as quiet as possible for 10 days after the therapy.


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Veterinary Stem Cells are available to the following regions: Melbourne (Victoria), Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (Queensland), Perth (WA), Adelaide (SA), Darwin (NT), Hobart (Tasmania).