Magellan is developing stem cell products for the treatment of a number of conditions in dogs, cats and horses. Magellan believes that stem cell based therapies can significantly contribute to the improvement treatment of degenerative conditions and injuries in the veterinary setting and that in regard to a number of therapeutic conditions, stem cell treatments are more effective than traditional treatment options previously available.
Magellan has been carrying out research, clinical studies and treatments based on the use of mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue (ADMSC) – for the therapeutic treatment of a large number of diseases and injuries in dogs and cats. Arthritic conditions are major veterinary problems with dogs – particularly ageing dogs. The management of canine and feline arthritic pain – as well as the treatment and repair of equine tendon and ligament injuries, are some of the most frequent problem for veterinarians.

Stem Cells have been used internationally for the treatment of dogs, cats and horses for many years. Most of the work has been focused on the treatment of arthritic/inflammatory conditions and muscle injuries in dogs and cats – together with the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries in horses. Initial results have been extremely promising. For instance, ultrasound images of treated tendon injuries have shown a rapid filling of the injured site and elegant tendon regeneration in horses.

The research and trials have been based on both autologous treatments (using an animal’s own cells) and also ‘off the shelf’ allogeneic treatments (where the cells are sourced from a library or ‘bank’ of cells collected from selected donor dogs and cats). Based on its research, Magellan recommends and supplies pure stem cells (‘off the shelf’) treatments for arthritis and degenerative joint disorders in dogs and cats, as well as for the repair of tendon and ligament injuries in horses.

Magellan Stem Cells is based in Melbourne, Australia. Previously, Magellan has been affiliated with Australia’s largest University, Monash University. Professor Richard Boyd, of Monash University and Cartherics Pty Ltd, is the Chief Scientific Officer of Magellan Pty Ltd. A major focus of Richard’s work over the last several years has been in regard to therapeutic applications for adult mesenchymal stem cells – particularly in the veterinary setting. Professor Boyd has directed the research that has led to the development of much of the technology of Magellan.