Condition prior to Vet-Stem Cell therapy:
Before hearing about Vet-Stem Cell therapy we were told to sell Sterling because he was too much of a risk for continually having issues with his hind legs. Sterling is a Trakehner that was imported from Germany because his jump was so fabulous and he would make the perfect Children`s Hunter due to his smaller build and long stride. Our vet then told us about stem-cell” and without hesitation we were off to Rood & Riddle Equestrian Hospital in Lexington.

Results after Vet-Stem Cell Therapy:
He looked great immediately, but we followed our vets stern directions of letting him heal as long as possible for the best results. Well all we can say is, WOW and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. He is better than ever and placing in the ribbons.

A side note: When the vet told my then 12 year old daughter that she was going to have to sell him or try this new therapy and wait for a year and a half, she cried and was so heart broken. I wish you could see the 14 year old that is beaming every day when she gets to ride him. In the photo she was showing at the Waterloo Hunt Classic and was Grand Champion in the Low Children`s Division.


– Gabrielle Wigler & Sterling Performance