Dog Testimonials – Zeus

Zeus has had major symptoms of arthritis for the last 6 years of his life. He was always limping, had swelling of the joints, and was very unstable on his hind legs. Both of his hind legs had ligament injuries, which limited such an active dog. Since his osteoarthritis was getting worse, and I felt surgery was too invasive a procedure, I decided on Vet-Stem therapy. Within a week and a half of the stem cells being injected we really started to notice a difference. He used to not be able to stand up, and now he can lift off from his backend; he no longer has to drag himself up from the front. It is great to watch him moving, running, and being in less pain. This saved his life. Click here to watch the full news segment as featured on Phoenix ABC 15

– Linda Jiron-Beckberger & Zeus

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