Honey, our 13 year old retriever-shepherd mix, had ruptured ligaments in both her shoulders and her knees. She had an increased lameness over the years, thus having to take all kinds of medication for lameness. She had all but stopped walking.

Dr. Carolyn Kohn, of River Forest Animal Hospital in Sarasota Florida, told us about Vet-Stem and how Honey could be treated with her stem cells.

Honey received stem cell therapy in March, and we saw immediate results. After coming out of sedation she wasn’t even limping -this was the first time in seven months. Within a month she was climbing back up to her favorite spot on the couch, and once, excited by children playing, took off and ran like the wind. Honey is no longer taking any NSAIDs or medication, and shows no more signs of lameness.

Honey loves to play again like a much younger dog, she loves being handled by children and is able to work as a pet therapy dog once again.

– Laura and John McCabe & Honey, a Therapy Dog